"It takes two people to create a universe."

I am dedicating this page to the other half of my world. I love you more than you know.

what makes me smile

Her laughter, her writing, her jokes, her passion for both the big and the small, her art's pleasing colors, her earnest honesty, her interest in horror, her knowledge on obscure things, her penchant for mundane youtube videos, her never-ending love for cats and her herself.

My favorite moment with him

When I was sobbing, depressed and feeling hopeless, he began talking about FNAF facts and playing the game to fill in the silence. It was so silly, I couldn't help but smile again.

The first time I met her

I posted my discord username on tumblr, offering it to mutuals--and she added me. We talked since in DMs, bonding over our love for stories.

What reminds me of him?

Sopping cats, horror movies, rainy weather and iced coffee.