a joy shared is a joy doubled;

aster alias

TLDR: 20 / he/they / filipino-chinese
SEXUALITY: cute horror enthusiasts
GENDER: feminine masculine whimsical pink blue purple anuanuman ten thousand lovely flowers and one dream to die for menhera boy

TROPES: Cloudcuckoolander, The Heart, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Cute, but Cacophonic, Everyone's Baby Sister, Eccentric Artist.

 hi! i'm aster! freelance artist, hobbyist writer, sometimes coder and twenty-four hour jester. i'm a guy with a lot of passion and not enough time, but i make do. you can usually find me drawing my ocs, developing their stories or fanboying over my favorite works.

there's a lot that could be said about me, but i can sum it up by saying: i am a humanities student who loves stories. i deeply cherish the uniqueness of people, and the idea of experiencing even a smidge of their mindscape through the written word is a blessing to me. if i were immortal--i would spend my time archiving the lives of humans, content for all of eternity.

...i'm also someone who wears his heart on his sleeve! when i speak, i try to put a lot of thought into it, making it true and whatnot. i end up sounding a bit too passionate or dramatic though, sometimes to an embarassing amount. my friends have certainly experienced my bouts of theatrical statements, and can vouch i may be... 'chunni', on some level. haha.

as for my other interests--i enjoy rock music, greenery, existentialist themes in stories and lgbt love stories. put the latter two together, and you get my biggest hyperfixations and influences on my life.

tldr; the boy named 'aster' can be summarized simply. he loves people, so he loves stories, so he loves love. hope this helps!

  a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.